Since we became a stateless nation, there has never been a worldwide elected Assyrian leadership. During the modern history of Assyrians, leadership was either through religious figures or a single-party system. Assyrians who are elected in a foreign government system have a limited capability to help Assyrians and their help is solely restricted to their own jurisdiction. Therefore, their help is not extended to Assyrians worldwide. Since we desperately need solutions for our various difficult problems worldwide, electing Assyrian leadership worldwide is a must. The Assyrian nation has too much to lose by not electing a global Assyrian leader.

With written or verbal approval or disapproval, the Assyrian people can express their opinions about the past and the current Assyrian leadership. The Assyrian nation needs a dynamic process that reaches the stateless, scattered, and endangered Assyrians. The process to modernize, democratize, enhance, and put into practice the way the Assyrian people express their opinions about their leaders is ultimately through vote casting.

The miscommunication between the current Assyrian leaders and the Assyrian people created a “vacuum.” In order to fill this vacuum, Assyrians need to have an election to elect an Assyrian leadership worldwide. Being the Assyrian people’s choice, elected Assyrian leadership will work together with the Assyrian people to overcome so many obstacles. An Assyrian Election will put Assyrians in touch with the elected leadership.

The road to a prosperous Assyrian nation is to put democracy to practice and call for the Assyrian Election worldwide. The Assyrian Election is the right formula for the Assyrian unity and will most definitely improve the national standards of the Assyrians worldwide.

The Assyrian Election is a giant step toward building a strong trust between the Assyrian people and the Assyrian leadership. The Assyrian Election is essential to protect the next generation of Assyrians. What system is better than the Assyrian Election system which unites our stateless, scattered and endangered nation?